"Involving Landowners in Environmentally Based Tourism in Papua New Guinea"

Wokabaut PNG is a trekking company owned and operated by local people aided by a couple of long term resident expatriates.

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Trekking the Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda Trail is a prime example of the Australian Digger and his fighting spirit during WWII and the bravery of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, the Koiari and Orikaiva people who live along the track. It is an icon amongst many children and grandchildren of people who fought in Papua New Guinea. Wokabaut PNG employs guides and porters from the Koiari area and sinks money back into the Koiari community. Ogi David, a shareholder and director of the company has completed over 80 treks and is arguably one of the most experienced guides currently walking the track. We offer local guides on a self led walk or expatriate historian led treks over anything from 4 days to 10 days depending upon trekkers’ fitness levels.

See the calendar for actual trek dates or contact us using the contact page.

The Ghost Trail

In 1942, the US 32nd Infantry Company was given the task of walking from Gabba Gabba, Central Province on the southern coast to Buna, Oro Province on the northern coast. The idea at the time was to link up with the Australians crossing the ranges via the Kokoda and form a pincer movement to trap the Japanese forces.

This trek is arduous and has only been completed twice since 1942, most recently (July 2008) by the principals of Wokabaut PNG with a view to opening this trek up to experienced and fit bush walkers. It is fair to call this an extreme trek. Wokabaut PNG is the only trekking company able to offer this walk and we do so in conjunction with the traditional landowners along the trail. Along the way expect several ascents to over 2,800 metres, days of isolation with 3 days or more between villages, trees with Birds of Paradise(Paradisaea minor), Kokomos (Papuan Hornbill / Rhyticeros plicatus) and a myriad of plant and other bird life.

This trek is organised by arrangement so talk to us about it.

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